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My sessions

Your free initial consultation allows me to find out exactly what to focus on in our sessions. Read below for some of the areas of English my students ask for help with.

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Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Getting the basics right makes your writing look - and sound - more expert. A secure knowledge of "SPAG" rules will also help you to proofread and edit your work more quickly and gain useful extra marks during exams and assessments. 

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Comprehension, Skim Reading and Scanning for Key Words

How can you read through a text quickly and immediately highlight what's most important? Which clues will help you to uncover the meaning, even if you don't understand every word?

Analysing Literature, Non-Fiction and Poetry


How can you avoid "feature spotting" and show the examiner that you can show perceptive understanding of a writer's methods and their effects on the reader? Learn how to use subject terminology accurately and judiciously, justify your opinions and demonstrate your knowledge of context without bolting it on at the end.

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Creative Writing and Poetry


How can you create a narrative and express yourself in a way which isn't boring or predictable? How can you prepare plots, settings and character descriptions in advance, that you can adapt and polish for any question you may be set? What are the rules for writing dialogue? How can you improve your descriptive writing and vary your style and language to make your writing intrigue and engage the reader?

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Writing for Different Purposes


How do you write an article - and how does that differ from an advert? Get familiar with key features of different genres of writing, so that you can identify them in texts and adapt your own style convincingly when you are writing anything from a speech to a travel piece.

Understanding Your Set Texts and Effective Revision Resources and Strategies


With extensive knowledge of texts from Shakespeare and Dickens to An Inspector Calls or Blood Brothers, I can help you to understand key themes and characters, practise past papers and work out an effective revision plan.

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Opera Actor
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